How to backpack AND stay fit while travelling

How to backpack AND stay fit while travelling

Back at home, I’d have my regular routine to keep my fitness levels up. Typically this revolves around gyms and dance classes. However when I’m away travelling, with the lack of continuity, better things on my priority list and generally not having time, my fitness always used to suffer.

I’m never usually anywhere near a gym, also why would I want to spend hours of my precious travel time stuck in a soul-less studio working out?!

So the easiest solution; make fitness part of your everyday life at the same time as experiencing the country you are in.

Read on to find 11 perfectly easy ways to get your pulse pumping without stepping a single foot into a gym.

Easy ways to keep fit and travel, banish the backpacker belly with these easy keep fit ideas. Easy things that you can do while travelling to keep fit. #keepfit #fitnessgoals #stayfit #healthylifestyle

1. Make walking your favourite mode of transport.

There’s no better way to get a feel for somewhere new than exporing by foot! Most hostels will have some sort of map of the local area. So choose some of the top spots, put on a pair of comfy shoes and head out.

Feet Walking up Stairs - Credit Unsplash
Photo credit Unspalsh

Going by foot means you’ll be going at a slower pace than other tourists taking taxis or buses. This means you’ll have loads more opportunities to mingle and meet locals, get to see some of the more off-the-beaten-track, less crowded places and often a load of awesome photo spots that people travelling quicker will have missed.

If you’re a bit worried about going alone then don’t panic! Lots of cities offer free walking tours. Check out the local tourist information centre or ask at your hostel.  Sign up, turn up and get walking! meeting like-minded people along the way.

If you love walking and want to see more of a City then check out Walking Tours.

There is a fabulous one in Bristol,UK this Summer called Gromit Unleashed!

The best bit is that it’s totally FREE!

Click here or on the picture to find out more!

2. Attend a yoga class

The perfect way to embrace the culture AND backpack and stay fit at the same time, in particular if you are in South East Asia. This is part of the World where you will find every type of Yoga on offer at various establishments all over the place.

Buddha Meditating - Credit Unspalsh
Buddha - Unsplash

You will find drop-in style classes as well as full on yoga-retreats where you can sign up for 1, 2, 3 or more weeks of yoga. Some of the more popular classes you do need to book in advance, others just pay on the door. In terms of money, they range from being free (donation based) provided by local hostels to pricier 5* Yoga retreat centres and of course everything in-between.

3. Get your groove on and hit the dance floor.

Probably one of the best types of cardio fitness out there; dancing!  If you happen to be in a Latin-based country then you won’t have to look too hard to find a local dance venue; quite often you will hear it before you see it!

One sure thing is that the Latinos love to dance, love to party and are always welcoming to newcomers. If you’re not sure how to dance you can often book classes during the daytime; Salsa lessons were in abundance in Cuba!

Dancing Club Feet - Credit Unsplash
Dancing Shoes - Unsplash

The best way to find out where dancing is happening is by looking out for posters in the street, town-halls and asking your hostel. A quick internet search can also yeild results, although this wasn’t always the most reliable source of information.

All that hip action and fancy footwork will definitely get the pulse racing! If you are feeling super ambitious, you could also try a pole dance retreat.

4. Take a hike!

Outside of the Cities, most countries will offer fabulous hiking or treking opportunities. Some of the best I’ve done are the Colca Canyon in Peru and Drakensbergs in South Africa.

Volcán de Pacaya Sunset Hike, Guatemala
Sunset hike up Volcan Pacaya, Guatemla

Guatemala also offers some great hikes, in paricular around the goergeous UNESCO city of Antigua, up active volcanoes! Check out these posts; A 2 week jaunt in Guatemala and 43 Photos to inspire you to visit Guatemala posts for some high altitude inspiration.

Important Note: Follow local recommendations for hiking, sometimes you have to go with a guide. Make sure you have suitable footwear and other gear before heading out. If you do decide to hike solo, it’s also a good idea to tell your hostel where you are going, a loose itinerary and when you will be back.

5. Run on the beach

Another freebee way to backpack and stay fit is to go running. Quite often if you are near the beach or waterfront there will be a promenade or boardwalk to run and jog along.

Unless you are in a cool climate, running is best done very early in the morning or in the late afternoon before the full force of the sun gets out.

If you’re up for the challenge then run on the beach for the added resistance of the sand, although try and aim for where the sand is slightly damp. I have seen people running barefoot along the beach but just be really careful of sharp rocks, shells and litter. A lightweight pair of canvas shoes are a good alternative to full on chunky running shoes.

Running on the Beach - Credit Unsplash
Beach Run - Unspalsh

6. Go for a swim

As a bit of a water baby, this is my ultimate favourite cost-free way to backpack and stay fit. Easy on the pocket and an all over workout , swimming opportunities are always high on my agenda when I’m travelling.

I absolutely love being in the water. This can be (in some cases) the hostel pool, rivers with waterfalls, natural pools, or in the sea.

Group Swim on Beach - Credit Unsplash
Group Swim - Unsplash

If you choose to swim in the sea make sure you check look out for the safety flags and swim within the recommended areas. The same goes for deep rivers and waterfalls. Read the safety notices to find out where is safe to swim and what the dangers are.

7. Do an online workout

If you are into your gyms in a big way, then doing your own little workout session will be perfect. HIIT, Tabatas, Circuits or Bodyweight workout can be done pretty much anywhere (if you don’t mind the funny looks!)

Most hostels have a communal area, a large foyer, outdoor space or if you’re lucky; space in your room. If you are stuck for inspiration, then there are lots of workouts online that need no equipment.

Pressup - Credit Unsplash
Pressup - Unsplash

Squats, jumping jacks, burpees, press ups, planks, lunges and sit-ups all give a decent strengthening and cardio workout. If you want to up it a level, one simple piece of equipment to travel and train with is a skipping rope.

8. Try out watersports 😉

I’m talking body-board, kayaking, paddle-board and surfing. All are fabulous for an all over body work out.

Paddleboard GoPro Shot, Belize
Paddleboarding in the gorgeous waters of San Pedro, Belize

Depending on the location, this is can be a relatively cheap activity. In a cheaper destination, an hour of body-board hire can cost as little as £5 (equivelant). Surfing can vary in price, but for a total beginner I’d recommend getting at least a taster session. You can often find a local on the beach who will hire you a board and take you through some basics (anywhere from about £10 equivalent upwards) – although not always legit! Or a safer option is to book on to a beginner course at a surf school (from about £25 per session equivalent).

9. Or hit the rocks!

For a decent all over workout, things like Caving, Climbing, Abseiling and Canyoning all rank pretty high. Word of warning, some of these aren’t for the faint hearted especially if you’re not keen on heights or enclosed spaces.  They can tend to cost a bit more that other activities but, if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie this is a perfect way to backpack and stay fit. 

Abseil Close Up - Cridit Unsplash
Abseiling - Unsplash

Important: Make sure you book any of these sports with a reputable company and don’t forget to check that your travel insurance fully covers you IF you have an accident.

The company should have up-to-date health and safety certificates, first aiders and insurance. A good indication of how legit the company is will be the organisation of it ( eg. do they give a safety briefing, is there someone who speaks good English, do they get you to fill out a disclaimer form and sign a terms and conditions notice). Remember to check the quality of all the equipment you will be using and of course read reviews from previous customers experience.

So I’ve done a fair few Cave based activities during my travels, but this one surpasses the rest 10 fold!

Mind. Blown!

I would go back to Belize in an instant just to visit the ATM caves again!

Check out my post here or by cliking the picture to find out more.

10. Take a plunge into the deep!

Another activity up there with ‘my favourite ways to keep fit’. There are snorkelling and diving opportunities all over the World, from beautiful exotic tropical waters, to the freeze-your-tits-off Silfra dive in Iceland!

Snorkelling can cost next to nothing, especially if you have your own mask, snorkel and fins and it can be done offshore so no need to catch a boat. Scuba diving, on the other hand is a lot more expensive BUT the added bonus is that you actually to see a lot more stuff.

Scuba Diver with Fish - Credit Unsplash
Scuba Diver - Unsplash

If you’re interested in some of the best places to dive, then you’ll love my post Best Animal Experiences in the World.

There are a load of different dive options, if you’ve never done Scuba before then I recommend a Try-Dive session before forking out a big wadge of cash to train as an Open Water Diver.

If Scuba Dive is your thing, then the Blue Hole in Belize NEEDS to be on your Bucket List!

It’s outstanding in every way shape and form!

Check out my post on the Blue Hole Scuba Dive here or by clicking the image 🙂

Happy Diving!

11. Get yourself some wheels.

Hiring a bike can be a handy way to get around a city if it’s a bit too large or spread out to walk. If you’re staying in a cycle-friendly area, then hostels often have the option of hiring bikes.

Two of the top places, for easy cycling were Swaziland and Cuba. There was next to no traffic, lots to see and the terrain was realtively flat! For the more adventurous you can do what I would call, ‘Proper’ Mountain Biking, especially in regions with rugged terrain – Peru and Ecuador both offer decent excursions!

Cycling Around Swaziland
Safari cycling in Swaziland, thankfully no lions on the loose here!

Cycling can be super cheap (especially if hired from the hostel). One word of warning from my experience of hire bikes (Both Cuba and Swaziland! I’m talking to you!) The calibre of bike you get usually aren’t exactly up to British Standards.  Be prepared for gears that don’t work, shoddy breaks and chains that fall off – its all part of the adventure!

So 'YES!' is the answer to my opening question. It's totally possible to backpack AND stay fit.

There are loads more ways to keep fit and not set foot in a gym while travelling. How do you keep fit while travelling? I’d love to hear from you.


Thanks for reading. If you found this useful then please like and share.


Happy travels,


How to stay fit while travelling. Easy things to do to keep fit while backpacking. Easy ways to keep fit. Tried and tested ways to keep fit and travel. No more backpacker belly. How do I keep fit when I go backpacking? Easy keep-fit things to do. How to stay healthy and travel. #tipsfortravellers #backpackingtips #backpackinghhacks #solotravel #travelalone #solofemaletravel #backpackingsolo #solotravellers #benefitsofsolotravel #solopro #alonetime #travelbloggers #backpackbecki
How to stay fit while travelling. Easy things to do to keep fit while backpacking. Easy ways to keep fit. Tried and tested ways to keep fit and travel. No more backpacker belly. How do I keep fit when I go backpacking? Easy keep-fit things to do. How to stay healthy and travel. #tipsfortravellers #backpackingtips #backpackinghhacks #solotravel #travelalone #solofemaletravel #backpackingsolo #solotravellers #benefitsofsolotravel #solopro #alonetime #travelbloggers #backpackbecki
How to stay fit while travelling. Easy things to do to keep fit while backpacking. Easy ways to keep fit. Tried and tested ways to keep fit and travel. No more backpacker belly. How do I keep fit when I go backpacking? Easy keep-fit things to do. How to stay healthy and travel. #tipsfortravellers #backpackingtips #backpackinghhacks #solotravel #travelalone #solofemaletravel #backpackingsolo #solotravellers #benefitsofsolotravel #solopro #alonetime #travelbloggers #backpackbecki

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  1. Stay fit during travel is not easy. Thank you for sharing your tips! I’ll try during my next trip

    1. Thank you for reading. There are tons more ways, these are just things that I started doing to keep more active so I didn’t go home with a Backpackers Belly.

  2. Love this post! I always like to do watersports to stay fit when I travel! Next time I’m going to have a look for some yoga classes!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 YES deff go for the Yoga if you are in SE Asia

  3. All your advices are perfect, exactly what i do! Swim, water sports and running on the beach are my favourite!
    Not mentioning that the backpack can be use as weight for any exercise you want, actually already walking with it its a good exercise!

    1. Thanks for the comments Simone, and of course! how could I forget?!? lugging a backpack about is cerainly a good workout 🙂

  4. I love the adventures in this post. You’re staying fit by having fun!

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks for reading. Yes have fun and keep fit. It doesn’t feel like working out at all 🙂

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