Gromit Unleashed 2018

Gromit Unleashed 2018

With no major trips planned for July & August this year, I was left with a void in my travel calendar. It also left me asking the question, ‘what to people actually do in the UK during the summer?’

The perfect excuse to get me out and about my home-town; Gromit Unleashed 2018 and my own challange to see all 67 statues dotted around the City!

Gromit Unleashed 2 trail, the characters from Aardman animations are scattered around Bristol in a new walking tour for summer 2018. Gromit Unleashed #GU2 #AardmanAnimations #WallaceandGromit #Bristol #CityofBristol

The pros of the World Cup

Football doesn’t interest me in the slightest, but one huge advantage of the nation fixated on the World Cup meant that the streets of Bristol were frequently deserted!

While most of the UK had been glued to the TV for the past few weeks, I took full advantage of the long, hot evenings and lack of human-life form and opted for a spot of ‘Gromitting’ on the Gromit Unleashed 2018 trail or #GU2 (Gromit Unleashed 2).


Panoramic Suspension Bridge

Why Wallace and Gromit? And why Bristol?

For those not in the know, Bristol is home to Aardman Animations, where the characters Wallace and Gromit originated way back in the 1980s. Their first feture length films was ‘A Grand Day Out’ and were the brain child of animator Nick Park.

Wallace and Gromit are as iconic to Bristol as Banksy, Brunel and Balloons!

The aim of Gromit Unleashed 2018 is to raise money for ‘The Grand Appeal’. The charity donates money raised to the  Bristol Royal Hospital for Children – the sale of maps, apps, merchandise and the final acution of the statues all go towards this fund.

Wild at Heart Pana

So where is the trail?

In total there are 67 statues on the Gromit Unleashed 2018 trail – either Wallace, Gromit or Feathers McGraw. The trail is predominatly in Bristol City Centre and the surrounding suburbs, although there are a few scattered a fair way out of the city.

In Bristol this summer?

Then why not check out Bristol’s Number 1 attraction, The SS Great Britain.

One of the statues from Gromit Unleashed 2 is right outside, so a perfect excusse to call in for a visit.

Click here for more info.

Did you know the notorious pirate Blackbeard was born and raised in Bristol?

This new walking tour gives loads of juicy swashbuckling deatils, facinating facts and the REAL story of the infamous pirate.

Click here to find out more.

Gromit Unleashed 2018 - The Trails

I went old-skool style and opted for the map (you can download the App for both Apple and Android). Some of the pin locations I did find a little dubious and frequently had to ask ‘do you know where the Gromit statue is?’  to numerous passers-by. However the post-codes are pretty much accurate.

whole map

Gromit Unleashed 2018 is divided into 8 different trails

Some of the trails are totally walk-able, mostly the ones within the City Centre, Clifton and Harbourside, others are only really do-able with your own transport – eg Chew Magna Lake.

Top Tip

All of the statues are in locations which are FREE, although sometimes they are in car parks, grounds, entrance of pay-for destinations (eg Grand Pier, Puxton Park).

Also remember double check openeing times for any which are at an inside venue. (such as Museums and Shopping Centres)


  • Harbourside Trail – Walking Time 1.5hr, Difficulty: Medium
  • Grand Day Out Trail – Own transport needed
  • Family Day Out Trail – Own transport needed
  • North Trail – Own transport needed
  • East Trail – Own transport needed
  • South Trail – Own transport needed
  • West Trail – Walking Time 1hr, Difficulty: Medium

Family Day Out Trail

Family Day Out
1) Deerest Gromit
Bower Ashton Campus, BS3 2JT
2) Wild at Heart
Ashton Court, BS41 9JN
3) Merry-Go Gromit
Puxton Park, BS24 6AH
4) Giggles
Grand Pier, BS23 1AL

West Trail

west trail
5) Stellar
Park Street, BS1 5NL
6) Feathers McGraw
Wills Memorial Building, BS8 1RJ
7) A Grand Gromplication
Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, BS8 1RL
8) ThermoGromit
Royal Fort GArden, BS8 1UH
9) The Howl
10) Feathers Macaw
The Victoria Rooms, BS8 1SA
11) Wallace in Wonderland
The Mall Gardens, BS8 4BH
12) The Bristol Hound
Sion Hill, BS8 4BA
13) Light as a Feather
Clifton Suspension Bridge, BS8 3PA
14) The Wensleydale Kid
Clifton Observatory, BS8 3LT

Harbourside Trail

Bristol & Harbourside Trail Map
15) Wallace
The Cenotaph, Colston Avenue, BS1 4ST
16) Fangs McGraw
Stanfords, Corn Street, BS1 1HT
17) Long John Wallace
Cascade Steps, BS1 4XJ
18) Prima Featherina
Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, BS1 5TA
19) Gnome Sweet Gnome
College Green, BS1 5UY
20) The Wallace Collection
Anchor Road, BS1 5HL
21) A Grand Tribute
Millennium Square, BS1 5SZ
22) Oceans 1: Deep Blue
We The Curious, BS1 5DB
23) Feathertron 3000
Bristol Energy Hub, BS1 4XJ
24) Honeydew
Narrow Quay (Arnolfini), BS1 4QA
25) Bristol's Own
Queen Square, BS1 4LH
26) Bristol in Bloom
St Mary Redcliffe, BS1 6RA
27) Oceans 2: Yellow Sub
M Shed, BS1 4RN
28) Gromitronic
M Shed, BS1 4RN
29) Alex the Lion
Museum Square, M Shed, BS1 4RN
30) Space Oddi-tea
Wapping Warf, BS1 6WE
31) Wallambard
SS Great Britain, BS1 6TY
32) Oh, Bollards!
Aardman, Gas Ferry Road, BS1 6UN

One of the statues from The Harbourside Trail is right outside The SS Great Britain this summer.

No that you’ll need an excuse to visit Bristol’s Number 1 attraction.

Click here for more info.

Bristol Trail

Bristol & Harbourside Trail Map
33) Rocket Man
Bristol Childrens Hospital, BS2 8BJ
34) Ferne
The Horsefair, BS1 3BB
35) Caractacus Paws
The Galleries Shopping Centre, BS1 3XA
36) The Emperor
The Podium, Broadmead, BS1 3EA
37) Fromage McGraw
Quakers Friars, BS1 3BU
38) Cracking Build, Lad
Cabor Circus, BS1 3BX
39) Boss
Showcase Cinema de Lux, BS1 3BX
40) Tropi-canis
House of Fraser, BS1 3BD
41) One in a Minion
Bristol Marriott City Centre, BS1 3AD
42) The Hound of Music
Gardiner Haskins, BS2 0JP
43) Gromit
Temple Quay, BS1 6EA
44) Game of Cones
Bristol Temple Meads, BS1 6QF

North Trail

north trail
45) Sprinkles
Boston Tea Party, BS7 8PE
46) George
The Downs, BS9 1FG
47) Pickles McPrickles
Greenway Centre,Southmead, BS10 5PY
48) Peek a Boo
Blaise Castle, BS10 7QS
49) Gromjet
Aerosace Bristol, BS34 5BZ
50) Spock
The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, BS34 5DG
51) In-Cog-Nito
The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, BS34 5DG
52) Gromit P. Sullivan (Sulley)
Gromit Unleashed Shop, BS43 5DG

East Trail

east trail
53) Dias de los Perros
Arnos Vale, BS4 3EW
54) Splash!
St Mark's Road, BS5 6JH
55) Draco
Kings Chase Shopping Centre, BS15 8LP
56) Champion
Badminton Road, Downend, BS16 6BW
57) Cubby
Avon Valley Adventure Park, BS31 1TP

South Trail

south trail
58) Rockin' Robin
Ashton Gate Stadium, BS3 2EJ
59) Banana-arm-a
North Street, BS3 1JF
60) The Brystal Maze
Hengrove Promenade, BS14 0DE
61) Plooming Marvellous
Hartcliffe Community Farm, BS13 0QH
62) Marshall
Chew Valley Lake, BS40 8XS

Grand Day Out Trail

grand day out trail
63) Honeysuckle Rose
St Mary Centre, Thronbury, BS35 2AD
64) Cupid
Woodlands Lane, Bradley Stoke,BS32 8EF
65) Swallows & Amazons
Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, BS32 8EF
66) Toto
Flaxpits Lane, Winterbourne BS36 1JX
67) Amazing Grace
Hight Streetm Chipping Sodbury,BS37 6BA

So all 67 statues from Gromit Uleashed 2018 done and dusted!

It was great to get out and about to places on my doorstep and dispite being a Bristolian, this trail took me to places I didn’t even know existed. I have some fab new finds where I will certainly be going back to this summer.

How many have you managed to find? and which is your favourite?

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Happy travels (even if it is on your own doorstep!)


Gromit Unleashed 2018 Pin 3
Gromit Unleashed Pin 2
Gromit Unleashed Pin 4

Gromit Unleashed 2018 2

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