About Me page, Backpack Becki a Thirtysomething travel blogger from Bristol UK on a mission to find a more exciting and fufilling life than the 9 to 5.
Pose for one camera only to get papped by another.

Hey, my name is Becki, a thirty-something year old Bristolian who escaped the rat-race about 5 years ago in search of a more exciting and fulfilling lifestyle.

Fourty-seven countries later and with a head full of amazing adventures BackpackBecki.com was born.

Travel was something I always wanted to do but had always got ‘shelved’; my 20s was a continuous string of College, University, work, back to Uni to do a PostGad and blah, blah, blah….

Having both time and money was never really something I had the ‘luxury’ of until I hit my 30’s!

My 20-somethings had vanished and although I’d had sucess on the education, qualification and job front, as well as finally having a taste of financial freedom there was something missing.

I was gradually getting itchy feet and was eager to escape the rat-race.

I finally bit the bullet after a trip to Kenya one summer and decided that I wanted to do more travel on my own terms; not being restricted to limited holidays, so I handed in my notice, that was that and I’ve never looked back!

December 2013 was when I left that life behind, I well and truly got bitten by the wanderlust bug.

About Me page, Backpack Becki a Thirtysomething travel blogger from Bristol UK on a mission to find a more exciting and fufilling life than the 9 to 5.
Imagine how much quicker I could see the World if there were actually 4 of me!

Three random facts about me

1. I am obsessed with dinosaurs, a total and utter dino geek, so much so that I take a little dinosaur travelling with me and photograph it in front of landmarks.

2. I’ve been a vegetarian since 2002 so naturally, I’m always on the lookout for top places to get cheap and tasty local veggie nosh whilst travelling.

3. I’m also a qualified dance teacher. Here’s a funny story for you; after contacting a dance club whilst travelling in Kuala Lumpur to see if I could attend as a punter, the actual teacher called in sick and I ended up cover teaching the dance class instead!

With age comes wisdom.....as well as a bit more money in the bank to fund it!

The majority of people I meet on my travels are typically between 18-25ish so setting off on worldwide adventures as a thirty-something is certainly outside of the norm. However, travelling with a bit more life experience as well as finances behind me has meant that the way I travel at this age is totally different to how I would have done it if and when I was 20.

Although keeping to a tight budget is always on the agenda, I’m not so stuck for money that I can’t splash out on some nice ‘luxuries’ on my trips which would have been well out of my price range had I been fresh out of college. By that I don’t mean that I stay in expensive hotels and eat in fancy restaurants; this is where I still travel in a very much budget style. However what I do put my money into now are experiences. For example, living on a boat and learning to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef or doing 10 days Island hopping around the Galapagos Islands, or a week-long expedition into the Amazon Jungle to do wildlife spotting – those types of ‘luxuries’.

About Me page, Backpack Becki a Thirtysomething travel blogger from Bristol UK on a mission to find a more exciting and fufilling life than the 9 to 5.
What better way to experience the Guatemalan scenery than in the back of a truck!

So....where have I been?

To date I have visited 47 countries, I could list them but that would make for a very long and boring read so take a look at my map instead (find my map here). I get asked a lot ‘what’s your favourite country you’ve been to’, but it’s so difficult to choose a best one, as long as it has either cultural/historical, adventure, scenery or wildlife then I’m happy.

Like most people I have a bucket list, for countries, for animals to see, things to do – and as soon as I tick something off, something new will come along and replace it.

My current bucket list items are:

For Cultural/ Historical Interest: ‘The Eastern Block’, I’ve done so much long-haul travel that I’ve missed out so much of Europe, this is certainly on the cards for Summer 2018!

For Adventure: Scuba Dive in the Blue Hole in Belize, it just looks out of this world.

Update: I ticked this one off my bucket list. It was amazing! Check out my post here to read about this awesome experience!

For Scenery: New Zealand, it has beaches, mountains, forests; need I say more?

For Wildlife: Gorillas (for land animal), Hammerhead Sharks (for aquatic animal) both equally awesome.

Don’t you just love a list? or yearly goals. I know I certainly do!

Still interested?

I’ve lost count of the number of shoeboxes I have, stuffed with travel memorabilia, and hard drives full of photos and video footage. With a decent tally of travel destinations, experiences, as well as tried n’ tested tips and tons of advice under my metaphorical belt, it’s about time I stopped keeping this wealth of knowledge to myself and shared it with others.

So yes, a little part of the reasoning behind BackpackBecki.com is a selfish one; I get to relive all of my travels again whilst sifting through my archives, and I can’t wait! But more importantly, I think everyone should experience travel, at least once (and by that I don’t mean a 2 week all inclusive). I hope my blog gives you the urge to do that – in particular, people caught in the rat-race. Life is for living, go out there and explore the World; I regret travel….said no one ever!

Have a bowse through my site to find out more, also remember to sign up to my newsletter (I promise I won’t bombard you with junk mail) and follow me on social media.

Happy travels!


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