Orangutan Tour – An Extraordinary 2 day hike in the stunning Sumatran Rainforest

An amazing jungle expedition through the Sumatran rainforest on an Orangutan Tour near Bukit Lawang to see the stunning ‘Rang-Tangs’ in the wild.

Manta Point Nusa Penida: An outstanding experience swimming with Manta Rays

Swimming with manta rays is a definite must for your Bali bucket list. Manta Point Nusa Penida is one of the easiest places to swim with these beautiful giants.


Belize Blue Hole Tour: To dive the Belize Blue hole? It’s it worth the $350 price tag?

Is the Belize Blue Hole tour really worth a $350 price tag? Find out what it’s REALLY like to dive the Belize Blue hole. And YES! it’s worth every dollar!

Pacaya Volcano Hike, Guatemala – An unforgettable hike to toast a marshmallow in a volcano

 Ever wondered if you can toast a marshmallow with some rocks? If you do the Pacaya Volcano Hike in Guatemala you can do just that on a crazy trek up a volcano.

An Epic Adventure in the ATM Cave Belize – The Actun Tunichil Muknal Tour

Find out about a real life Indiana Jones adventure at the ATM Cave Belize on this epic fully immersive adventure day. Enter the subterranean world to discover 1000-year-old Mayan sacrifice chamber. This tour is NOT for the faint-hearted.


A Thrill Seekers Guide: The 29 Best Adventure Holidays in Europe for Adrenaline Junkies

Are you a thrill-seeker? Then check out these 29 Best Adventure Holidays in Europe recommended by adrenaline junkies like you. How many are your bucket list?

White water rafting in Slovenia, on the stunning Soča River

Experience exhilarating white water rafting in Slovenia on the stunning turquoise Soča River. All the reasons why this needs to be on your Slovenia bucket list.

Hiking & Cycling Sicily, with THE BEST in Sicily Small Group Tours 

An exhilarating hiking & cycling Sicily trip is the best way to see the island & 2 top-class companies bring you the best in Sicily small group tours.

The Pljesevica Mountain Trek: On Croatia’s most famous rock!

The Pljesevica mountain trek, on Croatia’s most iconic rock. An exhilarating full day climb. Off the beaten track in Croatia on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Wadi Rum Camp – Experience Bedouin hospitality on an exciting stay at a Wadi Rum Desert Camp

Is a night at a Wadi Rum Camp on your Jordan bucket list? It certainly will be after this. Experience true Bedouin hospitality & life at a Wadi Rum Desert camp.

Is a night at a Wadi Rum Camp on your Jordan bucket list? It certainly will be after this. Experience true Bedouin hospitality & life at a Wadi Rum Desert camp. #WadiRum #Jordan #MiddleEast


G Adventures Inca Trail Review: The Machu Picchu Trek

A review of the G Adventures Inca Trail tour, trekking to the lost city of Machu Picchu and why this needs to be on your bucket list.


Best Animal Experiences: 10 of the Most Amazing Wildlife Encounters in the World 

Love wildlife? Check out some of the World’s best animal experiences. You won’t be able to resist adding these destinations to your wildlife bucket list.

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