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Meet Me In Departures is fresh off the press. It was launched on the 10th October 2019 and in less than a month, has gone from strength to strength, with both improved traffic, better-optimised articles and following which is steadily growing. Meet Me In Departures is based on my old ‘hobby’ blog, Backpack Becki.

Why the brand change?

The purpose of the brand change was to better fit my niche as well as wanting to make the transition from hobby blogger to semi professional blogger.

Nearly six years ago, I decided to quit the rat-race in favour of a life based on adventure and discovery. My areas of focus while I’m away travelling are exploring off-the-beaten-track places; such as temples and ruins, seeing wildlife in its natural environment as well as adrenalin sport.

I get told by my friends in the UK that I live an envious life and that they wish they could do the same; That they want to ditch the rat-race and explore the world.

…….and this is what Meet Me In Departures sets out to do.

Updated on 30th October 2019

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Currently in a transition period, while I work on updating and adding to the main content as well as behind-the-scenes bits on Meet Me In Departures blogsite.

I’m still using my old @BackpackBecki handle on some platforms while I focus my efforts on the main blog. These will be fully switched over to the new handle in the coming weeks. They will be updated on this page then..

7th November Update – Instagram & Pinterest updated to new handle

11th November Update – Facebook & Twitter updated to new handles – unable to bring existing follwers, so have had to start new accounts from scratch.

Want To Get In Contact?

The best way to contact me is via email, or use the form below.

Please come back soon for the latest statistics and information regarding the growth of my site.

If there is information that you can not find here, please drop me a message and just ask.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Becki from Meet Me In Departures

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