The Best Travel Gadgets for Backpackers & Travellers

Going travelling? Then be sure to check out these MUST-HAVE travel gadgets for backpackers or travellers. Check out some of these cool travel gadgets.

71 Awesome Tried & Tested Backpacking Hacks & Travel Tips and Tricks

The ultimate guide to Backpacking Hacks & Travel Tips. A list of 71 awesome tried & tested ideas for backpackers that you need to read before setting off.

21 Reasons Why Embracing Solo Travel Will Be One Of The Best Things You Ever Do – The Benefits Of Travel

The benefits of travel and why EVERYONE should try it just once in their life. Solo travel or group travel? It will be one of the BEST things you EVER do.


11 Simple ways to Backpack AND Stay Fit while travelling

Can you Backpack and Stay Fit? Hell yes! 11 simple things you can do to stay fit while travelling, check out this awesome list of totally doable things.


On Lockdowns and Loo Rolls – Was coming back to the UK the right thing to do?

My own musings and thoughts on my recent experience in Sicily under the coronavirus lockdown & the UKs obsession with loo rolls. Please take this article with a ‘pinch of salt’.


The Ultimate Cabin-Bag Only Packing List

The ultimate cabin-bag only packing list for Europe In Winter .15 Essentials for THE ultimate Hand Luggage only packing list for Europe in winter you’ll need. Including a FREE printable Europe in winter packing list.


Best Countries for Vegetarians to Visit – Top Destinations for the Vegetarian Traveller

Where are the best countries for vegetarians around the world? Written by vegetarian influences, read their tried and tested veggie recommendations. Yum!

Vegan Travel – The Best Vegan Vacation Destinations Around the World

What are the best countries for vegan travel? Written by vegan influencers, read their tried and tested plant-based vegan vacation destinations. Yum



How to save money for travel – 24 ridiculously easy things you can start doing now

24 easy ways to help you save money for travel. Simple things you can start doing right away. Just imagine the thousands you’ll save a year from now!

Stress free travel – Yes Please! 10 simple things you can do

Who wants Stress Free Travel?! Yes please! 10 simple things you can do which are guaranteed to take the stress out of your trip. Leaving you to relax and enjoy.

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