The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  –  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain is the country’s 5th most visited city. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Andalucia you’ll find an eclectic mix of medieval architecture and bohemian cafes. This is also where you’ll find one of Spain’s most iconic landmarks, The Alhambra. 

This 2 days in Granada itinerary gives you all the information you need to make the most of your time here. It covers all the must-see in Granada attractions including the Albaicin district, the best photo spots, plus what to see at the Moorish Alhambra complex itself, including the Nasrid Palaces and Generalife.

So, whether you’re spending a weekend in Granada as a romantic getaway, passing through on a solo trip, or road tripping in Southern Spain, this article is for you. Read on to find out what to see in Granada in 2 days. 

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 1
The Alhambra | Two days in Granada, Spain

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2 Days in Granada Itinerary – How to Use This Guide

This Granada 2 day itinerary article is divided into three sections. The first section gives you a list of the best things to see in Granada and an overview of what to do each day. 

The second section goes into more detail and gives useful information about what to see and insider tips on how to see things most efficiently. 

In the final section, you’ll find FAQs to help you plan your Granada visit, like where to stay, getting around and suggestions for other things to do in the city, including free things in Granada.

What you can expect in this article...

Granada in 2 Days – At a Glance

In a hurry? Then this section is for you. Here’s a quick look at the best things to do in Granada. 

You can also download this quick reference, Granada travel guide with a location map and checklist of everything I mention in this article, straight to your inbox for offline viewing.

What to See in Granada, Spain

      • The Nasrid Palaces
      • Generalife
      • La Alcazaba
      • Palace of Charles V
      • Sacromonte District & Flamenco Show
      • Mirador San Nicholas
      • Albaicin District
      • Monumentos Andalusies (Palacio Dar al-Horra, El Banuelo, Casa Horno de Oro)
      • Granada Cathedra & Royal Chapel
      • Alcaiceria Bazar

2 Days in Granada - Day by Day Overview

Day 1

MorningStart the day at the world-famous Alhambra complex with a tour of the Nasrid Palaces and see the iconic Palace of the Lions before visiting the Generalife to enjoy the cool and shady waterfilled gardens.

Afternoon – Explore the mighty domineering fortress, La Alcazaba, which overlooks the city below before enjoying the circular Renaissance Palace of King Charles V. Walk over to the nearby district of Sacromonte to explore the unique cave houses.

Evening – Stick about in the Sacromonte district to experience an authentic Flamenco show in one of the cave bars, known as Tablaos.

Day 2

Morning – Start early and beat the crowds to the Mirador San Nicolas before getting lost in the myriad of ancient cobbled streets of Albaicin. Call in at Palacio Dar al-Horra, the palace of the last Nasrid Queen. Stroll along the picturesque Carrera del Darro stopping off at El Bañuelo and Casa Horno de Oro.

Afternoon – Visit the architecturally confused Granada Cathedral which features elements of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles and the adjoining Royal Chapel of Granada. Before hitting the old Arabic-style Alcaiceria Bazar to pick up any souvenirs.

Evening – Head towards Lower Albaicin, and Calle Elvira where the streets come alive with the sweet smell of shisha smoke and the waft of Middle Eastern foods and signature refreshing Arabic mint tea. 


Before You Visit Granada

As soon as you know the dates you’ll be visiting Granada, it’s highly recommended to book your tickets for the Alhambra. Do this as far in advance as possible. The Alhambra is Spain’s second most visited monument. A whopping, 3 million people visit The Alhambra every year. It’s pipped to the post by Gaudi’s mighty La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona which is the most visited landmark in Spain

Although you might be able to get a general admission ticket for the Alhambra complex on the day, booking last minute will probably mean you’ll miss out on one of the best things to see at the Alhambra, the beautiful Nasrid Palaces.

When you book your ticket, you’ll have an option of times to visit the Nasrid Palace, go for the earliest time possible when it’s cooler and quieter. Your ticket will give you access to the whole Alhambra complex at any time on the day, it’s only the Nasrid Palaces that give a specific time slot. If you can not get an early morning time slot, then adjust day 1 of this Granada itinerary around it.

Tips for Visiting the Alhambra

      • Book your Alhambra tickets well in advance. The sooner, the better! During peak season, the  Alhambra gets more than 6,000 visitors a day. Although you might be able to get tickets for the main Alhambra complex nearer the time, tickets for the Nasrid Palaces do sell out. Also buying at the gate there are long queues, if you’ve purchased tickets in advance you can skip the line.
      • Start the day early, the gates open at 8.30 am. Tour buses bring in thousands of visitors a day, you’ll notice from about mid-morning onwards that crowds are starting to form. 
      • Wear comfortable shoes, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. There are often uneven stones underfoot, particularly in the Alcazaba 
      • Take snacks and plenty of water with you. There are water fountains dotted all over Granada, so you can refill your water bottle.
      • Make sure your camera or phone is fully charged. You’ll want to photograph everything. Even though I get decent battery life out of my phone, the constant snapping meant by mid-afternoon I was nearly out of battery. Take a power bank
      • Pay a little extra and book a guided tour. There are some information boards, but these are a little sparse. Even if you don’t want a guide for the whole of your visit to the Alhambra, at least book one for the Nasrid Palaces. Also, lots of the tours come with a skip-the-line ticket.

Getting to the Alhambra Complex from Granada

If you’re staying in Granada centre there are a few ways you can get to the Alhambra. 

You can walk from the city centre, there are two different routes, both are a steep uphill climb and take about 30 minutes. The more scenic of the two routes start from Puente del Aljibillo at the end of Carrera del Darro. The walk meanders up and comes out near the main ticket office. Most of the walk is under the shade of the trees, but it’s still a good workout for the knees and lungs.

The alternate route is through the Puerta de las Granadas and follows the road up. Walk up as far as the Puerta de la Justicia, enter this, climb the stairs and then it will lead you out opposite the Palace of Charles V. 

If you don’t want to walk, then there is a shuttle bus that runs from several stops in the centre and drops you at the main Alhambra ticket office. Look out for the C32 route, these run every 20 minutes.

One of the most interesting facts about Granada Spain is the origin of the City symbol. You’ll see the pomegranate fruit pictured everywhere all over the city. The word “Granada” in Spanish means ‘pomegranate’.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 3
Granada itinerary 2 days
The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 4
The stunning gardens at the Alhambra

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The Moors and The Alhambra

Originally known as the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, the city dates back to the late middle ages, from around the 8th century AD. During this time, large parts of Iberia, in particular, southern Spain were under Arab rule. 

The Muslims called this region of southern Spain, Al-Andalus, hence the name we use today; Andalucia. Granada remained under Arab control until the late 15th century. Ferdinand II of Aragon conquered the city in 1492.

The Alhambra is the most famous landmark in Granada. A common misconception is that the Alhambra is just one building. It’s actually a complex of buildings made up of palaces, gardens, ponds and outbuildings and a fortress; the Alcazaba. Building started in the 9th century, with consequent kings adding and expanding the complex. 

Granada is a hilly city, the Alhambra complex sits on top of a strategic hilltop, overlooking the Darro River and the surrounding city of Granada. On the surrounding hills, you’ll find two of the oldest districts in the city, the Albaicin and Sacromonte.

Granada features some of the best Moorish art and architecture, and all over the city you’ll see Mudejar style which features a combination of Christian and Islamic design. Inside the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Alhambra complex, two great examples of this are the Generalife and the majestic Nasrid Palaces. 

You’ll be able to explore the best bits of Granada in 2 days, plus have some time to explore a bit of the surrounding areas, including notable parts of the city centre plus the districts of Albycin and Sacromonte.

Insider Tip

If you are interested in more of the beautiful architecture dating from the Moorish reign, then certainly visit Seville to see the Alcazar and Giralda, and Cordoba for the Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral.

The Complete 2 Days in Granada, Spain

Day 1 Morning

Nasrid Palaces

Start your Granada two days trip at the Nasrid Palaces. Out of all the places in Granada, this is the most spectacular. Three adjoined buildings make up this section of the Alhambra palace: the Mexuar, the Palace of Comares, and the Palace of the Lions. Between the palaces, you’ll find magnificent halls and courtyards, each exquisitely decorated.

One of the most iconic places inside the Nasrid Palaces is the Court of the Lions, and it’s no surprise why. It features a central marble fountain supported by twelve marble lions, each spouting cool, clear water from its mouth, which run into little channels on the light grey marble floor. The courtyard is surrounded by a columned and intricately latticed Moorish arcade.

The Nasrid Palaces need to be at the top of your must see in Granada list, if you only manage one thing when you visit Granda, make sure this is it.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 5
Granada Things To Do and See: Nasrid Palaces
The Nasrid Palaces at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. White markble columns in a white marble couryardwith decorative lattice work stretched between the coloumns. A definate must see during 2 days in Granada
Court of the Lions
The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 6
Lion Fountain at Nasrid Palaces

Insider Tip

There is a one-way system inside the Nasrid Palaces, so make sure you get all your photos the first time round, as there won’t be a second chance. Because groups enter with a time slot, you are ushered a little bit to clear a section of the palace before the next group comes in behind you.


Your ticket for the Alhambra will give you a single entry to the Generalife. There are no time slots for this. This part of the Alhambra complex dates to the 13th century and used to be the summer residence for the Nasrid kings.

Although parts of the Generalife were remodelled over the centuries, the overall layout and the gardens remain pretty much in their original form. This is one of the oldest Moorish gardens in Andalucia.

This region gets incredibly hot during the summer, so the Generalife was a way of escaping the heat, and for the royal family to be surrounded by nature, and the cooling water themed courtyards. The Water Staircase is one of the most popular things to see here, especially in summer as you dip your hands into the clear, cold water, which runs down channels in the bannisters of the stairs.

You’ll notice that the Generalife is divided into two courtyards. The first one you’ll see is the Water Garden Courtyard, which features a long pool surrounded by flowers and fragrant plants as well as a cool columned walkway with alcoves overlooking the valley below. 

The second notable enclosure you’ll see is the Courtyard of the Cypress which is one of the best examples of Arab gardens in Spain. Here you’ll find two enormous square pools, with fountains surrounded by fragrant trees and plants.

PreBook Now: Alhambra Tickets

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 7
The Water Garden Courtyard, a must for your Granada, Spain Itinerary

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Day 1 Afternoon

La Alcazaba

La Alcazaba, otherwise known as the military fortress, stands proud looking down from the hilltop to the city below. 

This building was one of the first Arab constructions on the Alhambra site, which was built on top of the remains of a Roman fortification. Although various additions were made over time, the majority of the building dates from between the 13th-15th centuries. 

What remains today, is a bit of a smorgasbord of styles, the main part is in a Moorish style, however, you’ll also see some Christian additions, one of them being the Torre del Cubo or the Cube Tower.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 8
The Alcazaba, Granada | Things to do Spain

Renaissance Palace of Charles V

The Renaissance Palace looks a little out of place in the Alhambra complex, this was because Charles V knocked down some of the Nasrid Palaces to build his ‘new’ palace on the site. 

One of the most unusual facts about Alhambra is that the Palace of Charles V was a bit of a passion project for the King. Ironically, he wanted to show his appreciation that the Catholic monarchs had for the beauty of the Arab palaces and preserve them for posterity. After demolishing a part of the Nasrid Palaces, construction of his palace began in 1533. It was abandoned shortly after when the King lost interest because of the establishment of the Court in Madrid.

The building wasn’t completed until the 20th century when the roof was added, and the palace was turned into a museum.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 9
Palace of Charles V

Sacromonte District

You could easily spend the remainder of the day relaxing in the gardens and exploring some of the smaller buildings in the Alhambra complex. However, if the crowds are getting too much and you’re looking for something slightly quirky, then head to the Sacromonte district. 

From the Alhambra, it’s about a 25-minute walk. It’s located on the hill opposite the Alhambra and borders the northeast side of Albaícin. Historically, this area of the city was home to Gypsies. They built houses on the rock, today you can visit some of these interesting cave homes. It’s easy enough to explore this area by yourself, although to find out more about the history of this fascinating area, it’s worth joining a guided tour of Sacromonte and Albaicin. If you don’t want to join a tour, but want to find out more, then you can visit the small museum instead. 

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 10
View out across Sacromonte and Albycin

People still live in these houses, and the residents will let you take a peek inside their homes for a small fee. It’s interesting to see how some features have been carved into the walls.

If you ask the owners why they choose to live there, they will say how it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because the houses are built into the ground, they stay at a constant ambient temperature all year round – that’s certainly worth some consideration with energy bills creeping up right now! 

Several cities in Andalucia claim they are ‘the origin of Flamenco’, Sacromonte is one of them. The Gypsies that resided here were called Gitanos, they had roots in traditional Spanish dance, music and folklore, and mixed their traditional flamenco with Arab belly dancing.

Day 1 Evening

Flamenco Show

Stick around the Sacromonte District into the evening. Finish off day one of your two days in Granada and watch a traditional Flamenco show

If you didn’t read the section above about Sacromonte, then skip back up and read it as it will tell you why Flamenco is deeply rooted in the heritage, of this district. 

Flamenco shows happen nightly and are frequently held in the cave houses, which serve as a bar. These cave bars are also referred to as Tablao.

Day 2 Morning

Mirador San Nicolas

Head out to the best panoramic view of the Alhambra. Start early and head up through the myriad of ancient cobbled streets of the Albaicin district to the Mirador San Nicolas. This is one of the most famous viewpoints in Granada and the reason you want to set off early is that this uphill walk is easier in the cool morning air and that this lookout point gets insanely busy later in the day. 

This mirador is where you’ll get that stunning iconic shot of the Alhambra nestled on the hillside with the backdrop of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in the background. 

Because this is one of the most touristy places in Granada, if you arrive later in the day you’ll find small vendors and the occasional busker up here, as well as what feels like the entire population of Granada. My advice, arrive early, sit on the wall and enjoy the coolness and tranquillity of the early morning view before the chaos arrives.

The little plaza located at this viewpoint, and the surrounding streets do have some small cafes and tapas bars, but because of the influx of tourists here, they are a bit more expensive than what you’d usually pay.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 11
Enjoy the San Nicolas view point during your weekend in Granada, Spain

Albaicin District

After enjoying the viewpoint, work your way back down into town via the ancient district of Albaicín. The UNESCO-listed autonomous community of Albaicin or Albayzín dates back to when Granada was under Moorish rule. It’s located on the hillside opposite the Alhambra, with views looking down on the Darro valley. 

This is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Granada and the heart of Muslim culture in the city. It features a myriad of ancient cobbled streets dispersed between white-washed palaces and notable buildings.  

If you only have 48 hours in Granada, then dedicate at least a few of these to getting lost in the labyrinth of narrow alleys and stairs. As you explore the Albaicin District, you’ll often stumble on a beautiful door or an orange flower-clad patio.

It’s well worth exploring on your own, but better still, go on a guided tour of Albaicin to find out more about the fascinating history and stories that this district holds.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 12
Beautiful doorways in Albycin district
The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 13
Beautiful doorways in Albycin district

Palacio Dar al-Horra

The Palacio Dar al-Horra makes up one of four Monumentos Andalusíes. The others are Casa Horno de Oro, Corral del Carbon, and El Banuelo. You’ll be visiting some of these later today. 

Palacio Dar al-Horra is the former palace of Aixa, the last Nasrid queen, dating to the 15th century. It’s located on the northern outskirts of the Albaicin district. The building is structured around a central patio with a small pond. There’s also an observation tower, as well as some intricate plaster works on the inner walls of the upper floor that feature inscriptions dating from the Nasrid era. 

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 14
Palacio Dar al-Horra

Carrera del Darro

The Carrera del Darro is a road that marks the southern boundary of the Albaicin. This road stretches the entire left bank of the river Darro, which is the main river that runs through Granada. 

This road dates back to the 17th century and is home to some of the city’s oldest houses, it’s also worth wandering up some of the side streets and alleys which still have loads of original features on the building facades. 

Walking along this road, you’ll be able to look up and see the mighty Alhambra complex perched on top of the hill, through the forest. The cobblestoned street is incredibly photogenic, and every hundred metres or so, there is an ancient arched stone bridge connecting to the opposite side.

There are dozens of adorable cafes and restaurants dotted along both sides of the river here. Also, around this area, some buildings date back to the Arabic times, which are worth visiting.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 15
Carrera del Darro
The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 16
Casa Horno de Oro

El Bañuelo

The ancient Arabic Baths also go by the name of El Bañuelo, or Bano del Nogal and are made up of three rooms with a small inner patio and date from the 12th century. Each room would have been dedicated to being cold, warm or hot.

There were declared a national monument in 1918, and have since been restored to show what they would have looked like when they were in use. They are located just off the Carrera del Darro on a site that was once a mosque. The mosque was demolished centuries ago, but the baths remained.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 17
El Bañuelo

Casa Horno de Oro

Another one of the notable buildings along the Carrera del Darro is the Casa Horno de Oro. The name of this house translates to the house of the golden oven and dates to the end of the 15th century. In the traditional Andalucian style, it’s structured around an inner rectangular patio with a central pond. A few rooms on either side of the patio still feature Mudejr cross frames and Nasrid-style arches.

Day 2 Afternoon

Cathedral of Granada

For the latter part of your two day Granada itinerary, head towards the city centre, and to the expansive Cathedral of Granada. It was built on the site of the Great Mosque of Granada in 1523 after the city it was conquered by the Christians. 

The 16th century Granada Cathedral is huge, the 4th largest in the world – you can see the world’s largest Cathedral in Seville. Even if you’re not religious, it’s worth going inside. The central dome is beautiful.

If are interested in seeing what a Christian Cathedral would look like if it was combined with a Mosque, then you can see one in the nearby city of Cordoba: The Mezquita.

Initially, the design of the Granada Cathedral was modelled on the Gothic Cathedral in the city of Toledo but the plans changed mid-way through construction. This is why parts of the building are in Gothic style with other parts featuring Renaissance and Baroque designs.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 18
The Cathedral, located in downtown Granada, Spain

Royal Chapel of Granada

If you have time, then call in at the neighbouring Royal Chapel of Granada. This is the burial place of Spanish Royalty and includes their tombs. These include the final resting place of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile. It’s attached to the main Cathedral, although it has a separate entrance. 

The Alcaiceria Bazar

On the final afternoon of your 2-day Granada vacation head to the Alcaiceria. This is an Arabic style bazaar that features narrow alleys filled with shops selling things like Moroccan lanterns, spices, jewellery and shoes, scarfs, and bags.

If you’re looking for souvenirs from Granada, this is where you’ll find them.

The original bazaar dated back to the 15th century when the Alcaiceria would have been a myriad of crowded maze-like streets. It was home to the former Moorish silk market and sold scarfs and luxury goods.

In the 18th century, the original market was destroyed by a fire, so what you see today is a  reconstruction of a section of what once stood there. Today, it’s just along one street, that runs from Calle Reyes Catolicos to the Cathedral.

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 19
Lanterns in the Alcaiceria Bazar

Day 2 Afternoon

Lower Albaicin, and Calle Elvira

One of the must things to do in Granada in 2 days, is to try the Arabic food. Head to the streets behind Plaza Nueva to the lower part of Albaicin. The main street to take note of here is Calle Elvira.

This street comes alive from the early evenings as it fills with the sweet smell of shisha smoke and the waft of exotic foods drifting out of every restaurant. It feels like a mini Morocco!

There is an abundance of Arabic restaurants here, each of them offering delicious authentic middle-eastern menus at very reasonable prices. You’ll find everything from Moroccan tagines, Lebanese falafels with hummus, and Syrian maqluba, they all serve the signature refreshing Arabic mint tea. 

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 20

Insider Tip

I’m a long-term veggie, and in Spain, it can be quite challenging to find a decent variety of food that I can eat. Trust me, as delicious as they are, the novelty of Spanish tortilla and chickpea stew tapas wears thin after a while. Calle Elvira was an absolute little heaven for me. I pretty much ate my body weight in hummus and falafel!!

Where To Stay In Granada

Luxury Accommodation - 5* Haxaris Casa Boutique, Granada

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 21
The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 22

Comfort Accommodation - Apartmentos Campo del Principe, Granada

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 23
The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 24

Budget Accommodation - TOC Hostel, Granada

The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 25
The Best 2 Days in Granada Itinerary  -  The Perfect Weekend in Granada, Spain 26

How to Get to Granada

Granada is very well connected, and there are several ways you can get here, whether youre doing a road trip in the region or a Granada weekend trip from elsewhere in Europe. I use the Omio App to find the best deals for trains, flights and buses.

By plane: Granada has its own airport, however, depending on where you’re flying from it might be more convenient to fly into Malaga and then catch a transfer coach from Malaga to Granada.

By train: Granada is on the high-speed train route so it’s easy to get from if you’re in Madrid or Barcelona.

By bus: Because Granada is the 5th most city in Spain, it’s well connected by bus to most major cities. 

By car: If you are planning on onward travel as part of an Andalucia road trip, then renting a car will be the most convenient way to get about. However, it can be expensive to park at hotels in Granada.

2 Days in Granada Itinerary: FAQs

When Is the Best Time to Visit Granada, Spain?

Granada can get uncomfortably hot in the summer, and in the winter, very chilly. If you’re wondering when to visit Granada aim for the Spring or Autumn.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Alhambra, Granada?

The Alhambra is Spain’s second most visited attraction, so it’s busy all year round. Naturally, because they are one of the top things to do in Granada, tickets for the Nasrid Palaces during busier peak season sell out weeks in advance.

If you’re planning a short trip, or weekend in Granada then aim for the shoulder season. If you are limited by only being able to visit during the peak season (school holidays) then start your days early, so you are at the Alhambra as soon as the gates open at 8.30 in the morning.

What’s the best way to get around Granada?

Granada is a reasonably large city, however, the main things in this 2 day Granada itinerary are easily accessible from the centre. On the whole, if you can cope with walking up hills, then Granada is best done by foot.

If you do have reduced mobility, then the city does have a great public transport system. There’s a dedicated shuttle bus that runs from the centre up to the Alhambra, look for the C32 route, these run every 20 minutes. There are pick-up spots all over the city, so ask your hotel which one is closest to your accommodation.

How Many Days in Granada Do You Recommend?

Although you can see the best things in Granada in 2 days, it is a full-on itinerary with very little downtime. If you have 3 days in Granada, you’ll be able to do this itinerary at a much more leisurely pace.

What Should I See if I Only Have One Day in Granada?

If you’re strapped for time and wondering what to do in Granada in one day then I would suggest focusing on the Alhambra complex for the morning, just stick to the Nasrid Palaces and the Generalife. Then explore the area of Albaicin in the afternoon before heading to Sacromonte to watch a flamenco show in the evening. 

If you have a little longer and can spend 1.5 days in Granada, then do the itinerary as I listed, and just skip the afternoon attractions in Granada city centre.

What Can I Do in 3 Days in Granada, Spain?

If you have more time, then spread this itinerary I’ve suggested over 3 days in Granada and enjoy it at a much more leisurely pace.

If you are feeling energetic, then stick with this two-day itinerary, and then escape the city and take a day trip to the Sierra Nevada mountains for hiking. For the evening of the Granada 3 day itinerary go for a luxury spa treatment at one of the Arab baths known as Hammam’s.

Are There Any Free Things to Do in Granada?

There are several free city walking tours in the city. There is also a free walking tour of the Albycin district. The schedule for the free tour depends on the time of year, so check with the Granada tourist information office in the city. These usually all start at Plaza Nueva. 

The Moumenttos Andalusies are also free on a Sunday. The Corral del Corban and Casa de Zafra are always free. 

If you’re feeling energetic enough to walk up to another lookout point, then the Mirador de San Miguel is another spot where you see an outstanding view over the city. It’s a little more off the main beaten path than the one at Saint Nicholas. Find it at Camino del Sacromonte.

How’s Your Trip to Granada Shaping Up?

So how’re your 2 days in Granada shaping up, are you ready? Granada is an absolutely outstanding city, and if you’re in the stages of planning, my suggestion is to secure your travel dates as soon as you can and make sure you book tickets for the Alhambra and Nasrid Palace before they sell out. 

If you’re in Granada already, and you missed your chance of getting tickets for the Alhambra, then book one of the guided tours to see if you can get skip-the-line access that way.  

If you’re planning a weekend in Granada, before moving on to elsewhere in the region, then take a look at these other inspirational guides to help plan your trip.

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Adventure travel blogger with a big addiction to the World. An ex-rat-racer who was fed up with sleep-work-eat-repeat materialistic mentality that plagues modern living. I love anything to do with off-beat travel, abandoned places, temples & ruins, street art, wildlife in its natural habitat, adventure sport.....basically anything but the 9-5!

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